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Engage by Double First school MIS

St Christopher's School, Kingdom of Bahrain, chooses Engage

After an extensive and in-depth evaluation, Engage International has been chosen by St Christopher's School in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to replace their existing Management Information System (MIS).

Ed Goodwin, Principal of the growing 2,200 student school, said, 'Although we have been operating with a well-known MIS for two years or more, we needed a system which was far more integrated as well as being able to run our fees.

'Engage brings everything together and will do exactly what we need.'

St Christopher's School selects Engage (read more)

Another Middle East School Chooses Engage

Another major school in the Middle East, with over 700 students, chooses Engage Unite management information system (MIS).

'A school such as the DESS can benefit hugely from an MIS,' said Richard Jones, Sales Director. 'The school's size and complexity demands a simplicity of operation which Engage Unite provides. Its functionality suits DESS perfectly.'

Middle East School Chooses Engage (read more)

Double First at conference for independent schools

Double First enjoyed an immensely successful exhibition at the IAPS Annual Conference in Liverpool, to which several hundred Delegates had travelled from schools across the UK.

Scores of Heads and Deputy Heads queued to see Double First's latest software developments and to understand how these changes would help their schools.

‘I can truly see Engage has made some outstanding improvements,’ said one Delegate. ‘It’s come on such a long way. It's really excellent.’

Independent schools conference (read more)

Successful Exam Results Days for Double First Users

Once again, the Support Team offered extended support hours just in case Double First users needed extra help during the Exam Results days.

'We stayed open, but over two GCSE and GCE days,' said Carole Denman, Operations Manager, 'we only received 6 support calls from customers needing help downloading their Results, and one of these was a customer who just needed a reminder of what to do!'

Successful Exam Results Days (read more)

Double First appoints new Director

Jeff Elliott, Group MD, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Hollamby as Director of Double First Ltd.

Kim joins the company after successfully creating a 70-person technology department for IPC Media, a London-based division of the $40bn Time Warner group.

'The team was responsible for building and supporting a major software platform as well as providing end-to-end customer solutions from server infrastructure to data management and graphic design,' said Kim.

New director at Double First (read more)

Double First wins top HR Award

Double First Ltd has received the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Commitment to High Standards of Personnel Practice.

This award recognises the company’s outstanding efforts and commitment to achieving a successful Personnel Management culture in the workplace.

HR award for Double First (read more)

Support Team Expansion

Double First is delighted to announce a further expansion of its Support Team to keep in step with the escalating demand for their flagship MIS product, Engage.

Support for schools both in the UK and overseas is improved as Christine Adamson and Jamie Drummond join the Support Team team. Both are thrilled to be part of the company at such an exciting time.

Support Team Expansion (read more)

Double First hosts a Data Security Seminar at Cisco's HQ

On 6 June, 2008, Double First hosted a Data Protection and IT Network Security Seminar at Cisco's magnificent HQ near London's Heathrow airport.

Given the many recent and well publicised data losses, the questions every school needs to ask are, ‘what would happen if we lost some data? Who would be liable, and to what extent?'

'How vulnerable is my IT Network. How can we afford to protect it? How do we know it is properly protected?'

Data Security Seminar (read more)

'Engage' is the new name for school management software

With its increasing record of success and acclaim, Double First's flagship school information management software has been renamed 'Engage'.

'We wanted to move away from the IT technical name it seemed to have adopted of "dot net",' said Jeff Elliott, MD. 'The product has such an excellent suite of modules, able to engage every member of a school's staff in its use, that the obvious name was "Engage".

School management software Engage (read more)

Church Schools (UCST) rolls out Engage

Ian Teague, Director of IT for the United Church School Trust (UCST), announced today that, 'Following a successful pilot, UCST is rolling out Engage across all their independent schools.'

The Pilot has been run by Charles Crawford (Network Manager) at Hampshire Collegiate, one of UCST's schools.

'Teachers are finding it easy to use,' said Charles. 'It's a really good bit of software. From an admin point of view it is intuitive, and since we rolled out Assessments there have been very few problems.

Church Schools and Engage (read more)

New Forum for all Double First Software Users

Continuing to add value to their offering, Double First today launched a Users' Forum within the newly named Our World section of the website.

'It was a suggestion from one of our customers,' said Jeff Elliott, MD, 'and one which we all thought would bring real benefit. So we adopted the idea and launched it today.'

New forum (read more)

UK Tour brings Encouraging Feedback

Paul Rastall, Senior Project Manager Double First Ltd, has just returned from a Fact Finding tour of the UK, dedicated to meeting Engage Schools and their users.

'In my former role I was Software Development Manager,' said Paul, 'I was now keen to find out if Engage was doing what it was designed to do, and whether users were aware of its full capabilities.'

UK Tour (read more)

Landmark Release for Engage School Management Software

'This is a Landmark release,' said Carole Denman, Double First's Operations Manager. 'For example, the automatic timetable is so refined, and the new Internal Report Generator is excellent. And these are only two of the significant elements of version 2.10.

'With Engage having been in use for over two years, we have now fully incorporated all the major enhancements our 70 customers have asked for.'

Landmark Release (read more)

Double First publishes their 'Ten Key Stages in Successfully Implementing an MIS'

Recognising that changing your MIS (or implementing MIS for the first time) carries such a high penalty if poorly managed, Double First has released a new booklet entitled ‘Ten Key Stages in Successfully Implementing an MIS’.

Drawing on their experience, this booklet helps ensure the successful introduction of an MIS into a school, and considers the effects of such an important operation.

Ten Key Stages (read more)

Special Educational Needs module for Engage

A Special Educational Needs (SEN) module for Engage has been released. The SEN module tracks pupils who have extra needs, as well as those who are Gifted and Talented. The SEN module removes barriers to pupils' achievement and potential.

Designed specifically around the pupil, you can easily follow the individual through the module, from their addition to the SEN Register to creating and reviewing their individual Education Plan (IEP).

Special Educational Needs module (read more)

School management software seminar

The second June seminar held by Double First had a full house attendance.

Jeff Elliott, MD, explained the day's packed agenda and stated he would be keeping a watchful eye that timings went to plan!

The day began with five workshops from which delegates could choose to attend three. All were 'sold out' to capacity.

School management software seminar (read more)

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