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A Dedicated Training Department is Created

In a response to the increase in demand for its Engage School Management Software, the team at Double First is pleased to have made some very positive internal changes.

Historically, the Support Team and Training personnel were combined to ensure that schools always had the support they needed.

But the recent expansion in the Support Team has enabled a new Training Department to be created specifically to ensure that users of Double First’s software are fully au fait with the areas they need to be.

The brand new department is dedicated full-time to providing the highest levels of training to schools throughout the UK and overseas.

Carole Denman, Head of Operations, was particularly pleased with the new department. "Training is a key part of ensuring that customer satisfaction remains high," she explained. "It's important that all users of our software are fully trained in the areas they use to ensure they get the most from it. This is why we've created this new department."

The benefits to schools are obvious. Apart from the Double First trainers having more time to prepare for training sessions in school (which leads to even higher quality sessions), they now have the ability to follow up with schools after the training has finished, which is crucial for increasing the overall quality.

Nick Eastment, one of the team’s trainers, explained this in more detail. "Everyone knows that some information is lost after a training course has finished, so we take steps to minimise that loss as much as possible," he said.

"There are two ways of doing this," Nick continued. "One is to encourage the training to be put into practise as quickly as possible, and the other is to follow up with schools after the training sessions to ensure that any new areas of uncertainty are covered off immediately."

The team will also be tasked with ensuring that all internal staff at Double First are fully trained in new areas of the software in which they haven’t been directly involved. This ensures that all development work is carried out with clear knowledge of the entire suite of products.

Double First carries out training at its HQ in Yeovil or on a school's premises. For more information on how training can help your school staff, contact Carole Denman directly on +44 (0)1935 40 30 34.

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