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Double First at conference for independent schools

Double First enjoyed an immensely successful exhibition at the IAPS Annual Conference in Liverpool, to which several hundred Delegates had travelled from schools across the UK.

Scores of Heads and Deputy Heads queued to see Double First's latest software developments and to understand how these changes would help their schools.

‘I can truly see Engage has made some outstanding improvements,’ said one Delegate. ‘It’s come on such a long way. It's really excellent.’

Double First Engage school management software

With the software on display through a 40” screen, many Delegates took to the controls to see for themselves just how simple and powerful it was to use.

‘It’s the perfect environment for schools to get a ‘taster’ of what the software is capable of,’ said Simon Jones, Group Marketing Manager. ‘Delegates were testing the software to see how easily it met their schools’ requirements, and all were highly impressed with it.’

Existing and New Schools Alike

Many Heads from existing schools using Engage (the new name for "dot net") visited the exhibition stand to provide their own positive feedback, while some Heads still using other MIS providers to manage their school information, were keen to understand how the Project Management team could ease the transition from one system to another.

'Changing MIS is not difficult,' said Double First's Rob Roy. 'Once you've learnt to ride the MIS bicycle it's just a matter of changing cycles.'

(To receive a free copy of Double First’s booklet, ’10 Key Stages in Successfully Implementing an MIS’ contact Marketing on 08448 80 50 44)

Double First will be attending numerous conferences throughout this academic year. To find out which, and to book a free demonstration, contact Marketing on 0844 880 24 20.

Further information

To receive further information or to arrange a demonstration of our school management information system and school accounting software please contact us by completing this form or call us on +44 1935 40 30 20

You can also see the full details of Double First's global offices here.

To receive support please log into the Double First Support Centre or call 08450 346655 (+44 1935 40 30 10 from international).

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