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Engage TeachingLearning Management System

Double First Engage Remote Access Pupil PortalThe Learning Management System adds a managed learning environment to Engage by facilitating the ability to view essential information and interact remotely. Customisation options attract each pupil or student to engage fully with the school, whether on campus or located offsite.

A Homework Buddy and Homework Diary provide a customised interface to make in-school and remote homework easy to access and submit.

Pupil and Student Portal features include:

  • Two alternative styles aimed at pre-teen and teenage age groups.
  • Personalisation of the Portal through backgrounds and graphics of users' choice.
  • Access to individual live/real time daily or weekly timetables.
  • View class list with further information links.
  • Administrators and Teachers can control and create pupil and student accounts.
  • Pupils and students can access homework, classwork, assignments, reference/help information from school or home.
  • Pupils and students are able to see future tasks and work plans.
  • Full control of what’s accessible to pupils and students is managed through the Teacher Portal.
  • Pupils and students can upload work or files which the teacher can view and mark.
  • Pupils, students and parents can view marks and notes on handed in work.
  • All work uploaded from the pupil or student is visible to the parent, including progress updates.
  • Pupils and students can request help, state work progress and hand in online.

Why choose Engage?

We understand that independent education is important — that's why we strive to be much more than just a management system.


We understand that every school is different — that's why our products are flexible and dynamic, to fit around your requirements.


We understand that change is a big deal — that's why all of our customers receive one-to-one training and unlimited support.


We understand that our schools are constantly changing — that's why we work with our customers to develop new ideas and improve our system regularly.


We understand that our customers always come first — that's why we've employed a team of education technology experts to look after our schools.


We understand that experience is important — that's why we're proud to say that we have been supporting the largest to smallest independent schools since 1987.


Further information

To receive further information or to arrange a demonstration of our school management information system and school accounting software please contact us by completing this form or call us on +44 1935 40 30 20

You can also see the full details of Double First's global offices here.

To receive support please log into the Double First Support Centre or call 08450 346655 (+44 1935 40 30 10 from international).

If you've sent an email direct to a team member's individual email address and not seen a response, please see our Advice for contacting Double First team members by email page.

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